Professsional Eyelash Extensions – method 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 Warsaw

Well known in Warsaw and recommended Beauty Salon Elegante invites you to eyelash extensions:


eyelash extension Warsaw

  • Eyelash Extensions method 1 to 1
  • Eyelash Extensions method 2 to 1
  • Eyelash Extensions method 3 to 1
  • Eyelash Extensions method Volumetric
  • Eyelash Extensions method Silk Lashes
  • Eyelash Extensions method MINK Lashes
  • Eyelash Extensions method siberian mink’s fur

Eyelash extensions using 1:1 method is the adding to each individual, natural lashes its longer, thicker, respectively curled version. Depending on your style and preferences in our beauty salon we use both extensions methods using silk false eyelashes, as well as with minks fur. Each type of extensions method is very popular, and the services we provide are standing at the highest level, which is why we provide one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If you do not know which method is best for you our professional stuff consult it with you and choose the best option.


Our Beauty Salon Key Benefits:

  • Professional lashes stylists with several years of experience – more than 2,000 applications performed in Warsaw
  • treatment is safe, do not hurt, it does not cause discomfort
  • precise, individual and complete eyelash extension application in about 2-3 hours
  • we have all kinds of eyelash length and only in the highest quality
  • we individually select and recommend the length and type of eyelashes
  • we extend up to 300 lashes per eye (method 3:1)
  • the effect of extended and thickened lashes takes up to 4-6 weeks
  • eyelash extensions are a beautiful appearance and unique convenience (you do not need them to cover up with mascara)
  • the end result may be entirely natural (false eyelashes look like the real ones) or spectacular – you decide, we recommend
  • one of the key treatments of our Elegante Beauty Salon is a high quality eyelash extensions in Warsaw

How does application look like?

Eyelash Extensions is carried out using precision tweezers that allow for precise separation of every single lash. The treatment is extremely careful and precise, a special glue is attached to every single lash. You should reserve time up to three hours. The procedure is performed in the horizontal position on the comfortable cosmetic bed, despite the application length the treatment isn’t fatiguing. Many of our customers fall asleep during this treatment 🙂

Effects of eyelash extension application:

eyelashe extensions effects


See how treatment look like – our participation in the Last Chance Beauty Salon for TLC:

Our Recommendation:

Eyelash extension application is recommended for every woman who wants to have expressive eyes and facial appearance. Eyelash extensions is the great convenience and there is no need of cover-up the lashes with mascara. The effect of lengthening the eyelashes can persist for up to six weeks. But to constantly enjoy the lashes in a satisfactory condition and great-looking state, replenishment should be repeated every approx. four weeks. We care about our returning clients, so if the first application was made in our beauty salon, we offer promotional prices for subsequent treatments supplement.

What are the contraindications?

There are not too many. In fact, the only disqualifying contraindication for application is the complete lack of eyelashes. In our beauty salon you will receive professional advice and help in making a decision. Please remember to inform our stuff about any type of allergy you have.

Treatment key benefits

False eyelashes have many advantages, above all beautiful appearance, emphasizing the eyes. You will not believe when you see yourself in the mirror immediately after application. Beautiful, long, curled eyelashes like the real ones but better. Appearance of the extended and thickened lashes indistinguishable from the natural and often even the pros have trouble recognizing them. Besides, they are waterproof, so you can easily enjoy a dip in the pool or sauna. The customers after treatment often refrain from covering up the lashes, as the eyes are clearly emphasized enough and eyelashes are thick and beautiful. More and more women are choosing the eyelash extensions.

Lashes care lashes after the application

Do not rub your eyes, use a moisturizing skin care cosmetics around the eye so as not to weaken the effect of the adhesive. You also need to be careful when removing make-up – preferably give up the greasy oil-based cosmetics for the micellar fluid.

What to avoid?

Cheap deals with the so-called group purchasing, maintaining express eyelashes in the form of strips and other like “quick” methods of extensions. We offer treatment which is precise and time-consuming procedure. Patience is rewarded in the stunning effect.


The prices of eyelash extensions in Elegante Beauty Salon Warsaw districts: Centrum – Ochota – Wola – Bemowo, street: Ordona 12:


Silk Eyelash Extensions:
Silk Eyelash Extensions: method 1:1 169 zł zamiast 199 zł
Silk Eyelash Extensions: method 2:1 259 zł
Silk Eyelash Extensions: method 3:1 299 zł
Silk Eyelash Extensions: volumetric method 299 zł zamiast 359 zł

For FREE! Additionally, with the first application eyelash brush to combing lashes as a gift !

Silk lashes extensions renewal:
Method 1:1 up to 2 weeks 80 zł
after 2 weeks od 100 zł
after lash stylist not from our Salon od 100 zł
Method 2:1 up to 2 weeks 180 zł
after 2 weeks od 200 zł
Volumetric method od 280 zł
False Eyelashes Extensions with lashes from mink's fur (softer and more delicate than silk)
Eyelashes Extensions with lashes from mink's fur: method 1:1 249 zł
Eyelashes Extensions with lashes from mink's fur: method 2:1 269 zł
Eyelashes Extensions with lashes from mink's fur Renewal
method 1:1 od 150 zł
method 2:1 od 170 zł
Eyelashes Extensions with lashes from siberian mink's fur (most delicate and exclusive false lashes on the market)
Eyelashes Extensions with lashes from siberian mink's fur: method 2:1 349 zł
Eyelashes Extensions with lashes from siberian mink's fur: method 3:1 449 zł
Eyelashes Extensions with lashes from siberian mink's fur Renewal:
method 2:1 od 289 zł
method 3:1 od 380 zł
Eyelashes Extensions Removal
False Eyelashes removal treatment 40 zł


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Opening hours:

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Sunday: closed



Our Customers Reviews:
I extend eyelashes at ms. Camilla for two years, always perfectly with a beautiful effect. Regards. p. Kasia, 32

I am very happy of my new false lashes, it was the good decision when I choosed the Elegante, Miśka, 27

Complete relaxation during application, thank you for eyelash extensions. Next time we will do a 2:1 method. I recommend and thank you, p. Monika, 38

I was wondering for a long time, and now I can not imagine otherwise than with extended eyelashes. They look 100% like the real ones. With a clear conscience I recommend the Elegante!, p. Beata, 45

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